8 Benefits of a Cloud Voice Solution

July 3, 2018

Now more than ever, businesses operate and communicate with multiple inbound and outbound channels. Whether it’s prospects, customers, vendors, or community contacts, you likely work via several different communication channels to interact with and accommodate each target. With so many options, it’s easy to get confused. More often, the work suffers, and as a result, the customer experience suffers. A cloud voice solution can not only optimize the the customer experience, but offer a streamlined employee experience where team members feel more equipped to efficiently address real-time communications. 

Benefits of a Cloud Voice Solution

One of the many benefits of moving to the cloud is the ability to optimize and streamline your business communications. Cloud systems, often referred to as Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) or Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), can alleviate obstacles and help organizations take advantage of cutting-edge technology that drives engagement and results. Below are a few ways in which this enterprise optimization tool can work for you.

1. Business Continuity

On-premise systems are susceptible to outages and interruptions of service since on-site locations create a single point of failure. Cloud voice solutions are hosted in multiple locations giving the service provider many points of communication fulfillment—reducing the likelihood of service interruptions.

2. Seasonal Scalability

Cloud voice solutions provide the flexibility required to accommodate unplanned, rapid deployment or suspension of resources. Scalability is especially important for organizations with business models that naturally expand or contract. With a voice cloud solution, your business can easily adapt to rapid changes in consumer behaviors without huge capital expenditure.

3. Business Expansion

Organizational growth requires a modular communications tool capable of accommodating current and future business needs. A cloud solution allows new locations to be easily added to the enterprise and tied into the corporate office. New sites can have the latest technology while old locations can migrate at an appropriate pace.

4. Predictable Cost Structure

Cloud voice solutions provide companies with a unique economic model—one that transitions from capital expense to operating expense. Cloud solutions offer possible reductions in capital expenditures while matching outlay to business volume. Flexible licenses allow your business to predictably and effectively manage costs while remaining agile. 

5. Minimal Capital Requirements

Cloud voice solutions typically require little initial capital expenditure, primarily if a suitable data network is already in place. Often IP phones are the only capital expense required and can be leased if desired. With cloud solutions, most of the investment will be applied at the operational level—with a reliable, subscription-based pricing model.

6. Less Risk of Obsolescence

In many businesses, it is common to see outdated on-premise legacy equipment since upgrading can be difficult and expensive. Cloud voice lessens the risk of obsolescence by moving the responsibility for infrastructure to the service provider. With a cloud solution, businesses are afforded the ability to always have the latest software without paying a premium for it. 

7. Streamline Management

Cloud voice solutions eliminate the need for trained staff at multiple sites. Companies no longer have to send IT staff members with telephony experience to each location every time a change is required or a system problem occurs. With a cloud voice solution, platform support is simplified while communications flow seamlessly between locations. 

8. Enhanced User Capabilities

Cloud voice solutions make it simple for administrators to quickly add functionality at the individual, departmental, and organizational levels. Simple solution administration provides uncompromised flexibility—giving employees what they need when they need it, regardless of device or location. 

Partnering with Optus

Migrating to a voice cloud solution can be a complex and tedious process. With the right partner, you don’t need to jump headfirst into unknown territory. Our team at Optus can help you install the features and systems you need today while helping you as you grow in the future. Our best-in-class enterprise communications solutions offer you the ability to facilitate a remote or multi-site workforce while keeping your employees and customers connected. Learn more about Optus’ Cloud IT Services.


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