Optus Announces End Of Year Employee Awards

Optus Announces End Of Year Employee Awards

2017 Employee Awards

Optus, Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of the yearly employee awards.  The awards were presented at the 2018 Kick-Off meeting which was attended by all Optus employees and included a live performance by the Optus band.


Stephanie McDonald was chosen as the 2017 Optus Employee of the Year. Stephanie began her career at Optus in 2007 and has since moved into a Major Account Manager role. She has consistently proven herself by winning the highest quota achievement award in the sales team for 4 straight years. Stephanie is known for going the extra mile for her customers each and every day.  She attributes her long-term success to the culture and open-door policy at Optus. Congratulations, Stephanie!



Matthew Kilbreath received the 2017 Optus Lighthouse Award. The Lighthouse award reminds us all that leaders should consistently show us the way. Matthew joined Optus in 2012 and has worked in the plant and service department where he won an award for his performance and has recently moved into a leadership role as the Support Services Manager. Matthew is the first employee to receive the individual contributor award and the leadership award. He attributes his success to the Optus drive for excellence and delivering outstanding customer service. Congratulations, Matthew!



At Optus, our mission is to solve complex technology challenges and deliver consistent business results to our customers. Through our 24 years of proven experience, we've learned how to simplify nationwide installations, provide scalable support services for thousands of locations at a time and help clients make the right technology decisions for their business. We've become experts at maximizing and extending the life of an organization's communication investment to provide the best ROI in the industry. 


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