Employee Spotlight | Christa Allgood

Christa has been a member of the Optus team for over 7 years, holding positions that range from Sales Coordinator to her current role, Senior SAT Rep. She spends her time providing support to the SAT Team, reviewing cases that have been open for over 7 days, and working on ways to reduce invoicing errors.

IT Vendor Simplification Tips

Do you:

  • manage technology tickets for sites spread across the US

  • have too many tickets to handle and not enough time to spend on strategic initiatives

  • desperately need someone to remove items from your plate

Tips to an Optimal IT Rollout

What does a successful technology rollout project look like for your organization? Just as large organizations come with their own set of inherent complexities, managing a technology upgrade or rollout for 100+ stores can be difficult.

Employee Spotlight | Kayla Brannan

Kayla has been a member of the Optus team for over a year now. In that year, she has held positions in Strategic Accounts and Projects - she is now a Strategic Accounts Rep. Her days usually consist of follow-ups, check-ins/outs, and dispatching requests as well as following up with customers to ensure their satisfaction.

Employee Spotlight | Donna Bearden

Donna Bearden has been an Optus team member for four years as the Professional Services Manager. Her primary focus is customer service, making sure the calls are answered in a timely manner, the customers are satisfied with the support they received and resolution is provided in a timely manner.