Mobility & Balance

Mobility is one of the single biggest changes to communications that has impacted the entire delivery infrastructure.  When I started in business as a wee lad, mobility was the bank of pay phones in the hotel lobby or outside the main convention floor.  At break everyone would race to get a spot in line to check in with the office.  That ev

Smart Hands vs. Certified Labor

A growing area of our business and expanding need for our customers is service delivery and project rollouts to locations scattered across the US.  As you might imagine the focus is always delivering the highest possible quality at the lowest price.  This often prompts the question “should I use certified technicians or Smart Hands?”

25 years of technology

Welcome to my blog.   I will use this forum to discuss ideas and perspectives I have regarding technology that impacts our customers and our lives in general.  I know many of you and many more I’m excited to get to know.  I started Optus 25 years ago so I’ve seen a tremendous shift forward in all technology, most of which has had a pro

Kari’s Law Now in Effect in Texas – September 1, 2016

As of September 1, 2016, in the state of Texas, all outbound dialing multiline telephone systems must provide direct access to 9-1-1 service without the caller having to dial an initial number, digit, prefix or other access number or code before dialing 9-1-1. On March 1, 2016 the Commission on State Emergency Communications (CSEC) adopted Rule 251.16 (Direct Access to 9-1-1 Service) to implement Kari’s Law.

As an NEC customer and with the enactment of this law, we wanted to make you aware that NEC’s communications systems have always supported a completely flexible dial plan. What this means is that all currently supported NEC communications platforms can be programmed to be compliant with this law without any software/hardware upgrades. This includes NEC’s UNIVERGE SV9000 series and UNIVERGE 3C communications platforms, as well as older UNIVERGE SV8000 series platforms.

Kari’s law specifically applies to 9-1-1 access and notification of a 9-1-1 call to a central location on the site of the facility from where the call was made, and per Rule 251.15, to an optional additional location. Expensive Automatic Location Information (ALI) database management tools are not required to comply. NEC’s foresight in supporting a flexible dial plan allows customers to easily adapt to changes in regulations like Kari’s Law.

Since the law has gone into full effect in Texas, this means businesses in Texas must make necessary provisions. The best place for information is the Texas 911 web page  (  The Texas CSEC has produced a helpful PSA video featured on YouTube and can also be found on the FAQ page on the Texas 911 site.

To make the necessary program changes to your NEC communications platform, simply contact us at 877-892-4900 or

More questions? Please let us know and/or email the state of Texas at


Erica Sluder, Marketing Strategist

Optus, Inc.