Experience The New Optus

At Optus, we are always thrilled to offer our customers new technologies and services. We have been especially excited to unveil our new website and its many new features that offer the same continued support and high level solutions of phone system management for our customers.

Benefits of Phone Asset Recovery

A growing concern for large companies, hospitals, and educational institutions is phone asset recovery. Because so much of today's technology is data-driven everyone keeps personal information and other confidential records electronically on business hardware. What happens when it’s time to retire that technology holding this information?

Free Food & Drinks at NRF 2015

We have 23 years of proven success providing end-to-end communication solutions for nationwide, multi-site customers. Our value starts with simplification and centralization. We deliver fast and scalable service to thousands of locations through our nationwide service network. With the best team in the business, everything we do is built on the foundation of trust and integrity.