Our relationship with our customers is simple:
We succeed by helping them succeed.

At Optus, we offer services that meet your business needs no matter where you are in the lifecycle of your communications investment. We help you get the most out of your communications systems and when it makes sense for your business, we can help you design, deploy and support a new platform with the latest technology.

What can Optus do for your business?

At Optus our mission is to solve complex technology challenges and deliver consistent business results to our customers. Through our 24 years of proven experience, we’ve learned how to simplify nationwide installations, provide scalable support services for thousands of locations at a time and help clients make the right technology decisions for their business. We’ve become experts at maximizing and extending the life of organization’s communications investments to provide the best ROI in the industry. Watch this video to see what we can do for your organization.

A Partner You Can Trust

Our institutional expertise spans 25 years, encompasses more than 275 staff certifications and is aligned with some of the largest and leading OEM names in the industry. Excellence is our standard and quality assurance is our guarantee. Our business is built on integrity and when you work with Optus, you are working with the best in the business.

Optus Customer Portal

The free Optus Customer Portal allows our customers to open, close and manage all open service tickets, and manage invoices. On the go or on your desktop, the Optus Customer Portal keeps you connected to Optus Services 24/7.

Nationwide Service Delivery

Multiple sites can mean multiple vendors. We offer fast, scalable design and implementation services, nationwide. Learn more »

Customizable Support & Maintenance

Optus takes the burden off you. We offer solutions no matter what your organization needs. Learn more »

Fixed Services Cost

We understand tight budgets. We have zero hidden costs and a dedicated service team who will be transparent about your fees, every step of the way. Learn more »

Experience & Longevity

Our technicians are the best of the best. Let our 75 years of design experience & 275 industry certifications support your organization. Learn more »

Lifecycle Extension Services

Get the most from your current system. You have other priorities, take advantage of our lifecycle extension services. Learn more »

President's Perspective

Optus is the End-To-End Communications Partner of Choice

Mark Duckworth Optus President/Owner

“The Optus commitment to excellence traces its roots all the way back to my garage in the early 1990s, when I always took the extra time myself to make sure my quality was right, my delivery was on time, and my customer was satisfied.

Today, technology has improved remarkably, our organization is larger and more comprehensive, and the industry offers more service opportunity than ever before. The values on which Optus was built, and to which each employee commits, are still the foundation for our success.”

Mark Duckworth, President/Owner

Our Mission

At Optus, our mission is to solve complex communications challenges facing the largest organizations with simplified, flexible solutions; to offer quality services and products that deliver consistent business results to our customers while standing on the foundation of trust and integrity to build our team and our processes.

Want to Be Part of an Amazing Team?

Working at Optus, you will be a part of the best, most experienced team in the business.