about us

Transforming the Future of Technology Delivery

As a national leader in managed IT services and business communications, we deliver cloud-enabled technologies that transform how you connect, communicate, and create. With Optus, you can quickly and securely link multiple sites in virtually any configuration with expansive and flexible network access. Whether you want to manage increasing capacity requirements, access mission-critical applications, or maximize visibility into your network performance, our goal is simple—help you solve the challenges of today while building a smarter, more agile tomorrow.

Where we began

I founded Optus my senior year in college when I saw an opportunity to serve a growing market in business telecommunications.  While I lacked business experience, I was never shy about hard work or short on excellent customer service, which allowed Optus to grow into a thriving business almost immediately.  The world was different in 1991, especially technology, but our commitment to excellence has never changed.

Where we're at

Today Optus is a national leader in integrated IT and telecommunications solutions.  We are trusted by some of the best brands in the United States to manage their projects and keep their sites online. We pride ourselves on quality, consistency, and making work life easier for our customers.  While technology has changed over the last thirty years, our ongoing commitment to excellence has never wavered.  If it connects to the network, we can install IT and help support IT.

Where We're going

We are growing with our customers’ needs to support a wide variety of technologies across multiple sites.  As we build a platform for the next decade, we recognize the way our customers do business is rapidly changing to keep up with the demands of an evolving marketplace.  We plan to be the partner who is trusted with these ongoing needs and leads our customers to solutions that ultimately make them more successful.

– Mark Duckworth | Founder & Chief Customer Officer

our mission

At Optus, our mission is to solve complex communications challenges facing the largest organizations with simplified, flexible solutions; to offer quality services and products that deliver consistent business results to our customers while standing on the foundation of trust and integrity to build our team and our processes.