Copper Phone Lines Are Going Away — What Should You Do?

March 6, 2022

Traditional copper POTS lines are being put into retirement by the FCC this year, creating the urgent need for a migration plan. POTS lines often provide important emergency communications, such as security alerts, fire alarms, and more, so it’s crucial that you have a seamless transition. Making sure that you have a solid plan in place will help your business overcome any challenges this migration may cause.Some questions about switching from copper POTS lines to a new alternative that we’ll answer in this blog include:

  • Why is this happening?
  • How do I transition?
  • How much time do I have?

Why Is This Happening?

You may be wondering — why is this all happening now? The answer, simply, is because the FCC issued an order. Because copper POTS lines have become so difficult and expensive to maintain compared to other alternatives, the FCC removed the obligation for companies to supply analog lines. They set a deadline of August 2nd, 2022 for existing customers to find an alternative service solution. 

How Much Time Do I Have?

Once the August 2, 2022 deadline passes, the cost of using copper POTS lines will likely increase significantly, making it an unaffordable and hard to maintain option. You could wait until the last minute to switch, but it’s recommended that you migrate as soon as possible. This way, you have time to work out any issues with your new service solution that may arise, as well get your employees adjusted to the new system. Switching early will also save you the stress of not migrating in time and being stuck with a provider that still uses costly copper POTS lines.

How Do I Transition?

The best way to transition from copper POTS lines to an alternative is to find the right provider for your business and formulate a transition plan. Once you find a provider you trust that’s within your budget, they should be able to handle the technical aspects of the migration on their end. Optus can help you switch your voice solutions stress-free and within budget, as well as provide 24/7 technical support to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

When it comes to transitioning away from copper POTS lines, there are several options from which to choose. Optus can evaluate your current business needs and determine which solution would provide the best long-term outcome. For some, that may be internet-based SIP trunk, while others may prefer to transition to a UCaaS solution or a POTS over wireless LTE option. 

Once you have chosen your solution, you should create your business’ internal transition strategy. A few things to consider when formulating this plan include:

  • When you want the switch to happen
  • How to communicate the switch to your employees
  • The best way to train your employees on the new system (if needed)
  • How to respond to customers if they cannot reach you during the migration period

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