Employee Spotlight | Craig Manley

May 24, 2021

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Forrest City, Arkansas. I went fishing a lot with my dad and was always around some type of racing or working on cars.

Where did you go to school?

Forrest City High School.

Brag about your family.

My family is my life- I would do anything for them. My wife and I have been married for almost 33 years. We have 3 children, one son-in-law, and one daughter-in-law. We have one dog named Maverick; he is our 4-legged child. We also have a few grand dogs.

What do you do for fun?

Spending time with my family doing any activity and deer hunting.

What was your first job?

The very first job I had that I got paid for was shoveling sand. It only lasted one day and I was thankful for that. My first payroll job was working with my Dad in a printing shop. I learned a lot of life lessons there working with him.

What is your dream job?

Not to have a job, if there is such a thing. To wake up each day and see where God takes me.

What is something very few people know about you?

When I was younger, I raced ATV motocross, midget sprint cars, and 410-winged sprint cars. Also, I was a Pastor for 7 years at a small church.

What quote/motto do you live by?

Nothing can separate us from the Love of God which is in Chris Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39

Tell us your Optus story.  When did you start and what position?  Have you moved positions/jobs?

I started in June 2015 as an Account Manager. My main objective at the time was to onboard new reseller customers and tell them about Optus products and services. A few years back, I became a senior account manager (maybe age and long flowing gray hair has something to do with it not sure!)

What is your official job title?

Senior Account Manager

What SHOULD your job title be?

Trusted Friend and Adviser

Describe your day-to-day job.

My day-to-day consists of talking to our great Channel Partners across the US about Optus products and services. We talk about specific opportunities they are working on and make sure the best solution is offered to their customer. I strive to share new products and technology with them and as well as to learn from them.

What is one thing that Optus does better than any other employer you have had in the past?

I have worked for 25 years in the corporate world and most of the time I’ve never felt like I was valued. Optus has always made me feel like I was valued and that my opinion mattered.

Tell us about one learning or growth opportunity you have had while working at Optus.

Coming to Optus I had no real knowledge of the telecommunications industry. I was welcomed by my coworkers and they always took time to show me the ropes. I will always be grateful to them and the time they invested in me.

What do you like most about working at Optus?

I like working with co-workers I can call my friends as well as working with resellers whom I consider friends.

Have you received recognition from Optus on a job well done?  If so, what was the recognition?

I have received a few Salesperson of the Quarter awards.

We like to say, Optus is like a family.  Who at Optus is like family to you and why?

My Channel team coworkers are my friends. They are the ones who have invested their time in me to show me the ropes and I am forever grateful.

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