How Cloud Brokers Simplify UCaaS Migration

March 15, 2022

UCaaS, or unified communications as a service, helps combine business communications tools into one unified, cloud-based platform. Some of these tools include: 

  • Phone services
  • Video services
  • Instant messaging

Businesses are actively trying to figure out how to migrate their enterprise systems to the cloud, which can be a big endeavor. However, once successfully migrated, UCaaS can help streamline communication, improve efficiency, and so much more. Cloud brokers can help businesses switch to a cloud plan that works for their specific needs and budget. 

At Optus, our cloud brokers help you create the best strategy for cloud migration by matching you with a provider that best fits your UCaaS needs. A few questions we’ll answer in this blog in relation to cloud brokers are:

  • What is a cloud broker?
  • Why should I use a cloud broker?
  • How can Optus help?

What Is a Cloud Broker?

A cloud broker is a third-party consultant that is the middleman between your business and a cloud vendor. Brokers will use their cloud knowledge and expertise to help you determine which vendor offers the best UCaaS plan for your business.

Why Should I Use a Cloud Broker?

Cloud brokers can be an advantageous investment for businesses that don’t readily have an IT expert or team on hand. These consultants can ensure you achieve certain goals while finding the right cloud migration plan, such as:

Staying Within Your Budget

When you don’t possess expertise on a topic, it’s easy to just let someone who does have that expertise make the decision for you. If you’re dealing with UCaaS providers directly, a sales representative may be able to sway you into purchasing a plan that doesn’t fit the budget you had originally set. By using a cloud broker, you are gaining access to someone with the same level of expertise as the vendor, and they will ensure you stay within your budget while getting the services you want.

Getting All the UCaaS Services You Need

Without having knowledge about UCaaS, choosing the right plan directly from a provider can be confusing. You could possibly pick the wrong plan without knowing it, and end up not having all the services that your business needs to fully migrate. Cloud brokers will ensure you understand what UCaaS services are offered in each option you’re presented with, so you’ll be fully pleased with your decision in the end. 

Exploring Every Option

If you try to purchase UCaaS services directly through a vendor, you only get to see the options that one company has to offer. By using a cloud broker, you’ll be able to compare options across several different providers, so you can fully explore every option that’s available to you. This allows you to find the very best possible fit for your UCaaS requirements, budget, migration timeframe, and more.

How Can Optus Help?

After Optus chats with you about your UCaaS needs, one of our cloud brokers will identify exactly what services, contract details, integrations, and other features you asked for, and then select the provider that best matches your requirements. Some things we will consider are:

  • Platform details
      • User interface
      • Business application integration
      • Contact center integration
      • Onboarding and training
  • User details
      • User pricing
      • User minutes
      • User Type
      • Desk phone
  • Contract details
      • Contract terms
      • Early exit
      • Contract simplicity
      • Payment schedule
      • And more
  • Features and benefits
    • Team messaging
    • Call forwarding
    • Voicemail transcription
    • Integrations

By comparing all of your options, you will have all the information you need to make the best, most informed decision. 

Let Us Find the Right UCaaS Plan for You

At Optus, we want to build a simple, secure, and cost-effective cloud strategy to help you drive business outcomes. Book a discovery session with us today and learn how we can help you level up your communications platform.



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