Linh Phan | Intern Spotlight

August 31, 2023

Name: Linh Phan

School: Arkansas State University

Major: Graphic Design

Department at Optus: Marketing


What were your responsibilities during your internship at Optus?

As an intern, most of my job was designing visual marketing assets, primarily print documents and website blog headers. Sometimes, I participated in internal projects like designing posters or company swag.


What is the most exciting aspect of your internship?

 It’s exciting because I was able to experience a professional setting while still in college. I am grateful to be treated as a team member rather than an apprentice during my time at Optus. I also got to explore new design programs to advance my skill set.


What is the most challenging aspect of your internship?

 I’d say the most exciting thing was also the most challenging. As the internship desired me to do professional-level work, it pushed me beyond my safe zone (which was absolutely a good thing.) Instead of aiming for good grades in each project, I would be aiming for a good and effective outcome when working with Optus.


What did you learn during the internship?

I learned a whole lot. I not only improved my skills and knowledge as a graphic designer but also learned self-management and professional communication.


Which aspects of your internship did you get the most out of?

 I got the most out of designing multi-page documents. It tremendously enhanced my ability to use white space, layout, and typography.


What specific professional benefit has this internship provided?

I learned to manage my assigned projects while following the Marketing Department’s direction.


Would you recommend interning at Optus to others? 


But I’ll definitely recommend interning at Optus to others, with no hesitation.


About Optus

Optus is a cloud advisory and IT service delivery company designed to advance today’s hybrid workplace. With over three decades of experience, we provide a vendor-neutral approach to technology—from core communications to the full ecosystem of CX technologies—including hardware, software, connectivity, cloud advisory services, and IT support. Through our unique integration of people, processes, and technology, we elevate productivity, scalability, and uptime for Fortune 1000 companies across the US.

Optus exists to simplify the complex, and we do so by delivering customer-first technology advisory services and single-source IT service delivery.

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