Optus Intern Spotlight: Mahathi Sudhana

August 27, 2018

Name: Mahathi Sudhana

School: Arkansas State University

Major: Master’s in Computer Science

Department at Optus: IT

What were your responsibilities during your internship?

My responsibilities included solving the tickets assigned to me regarding the Salesforce application, attending meetings if required and helping associates when they experienced a problem with Salesforce.

What did you learn during the internship?

I learned to coordinate with team members, additional knowledge on Salesforce, how to optimize solutions to customers, and how to provide customer satisfaction depending on the solution provided.

Which aspects of your internship did you get the most out of?

Solving in-depth technical issues which included the development of new requirements or code.

What specific professional benefit has this internship provided?

First, I regained confidence as I had a gap for a year and a half because of school. Second, the internship helped me learn how to research solutions because Optus issues were different compared to my previous experience. Lastly, the most important thing I gained was trust, which is a must for an employee.

Would you recommend our internship to others?

Yes, definitely. Optus is a great place to work. You get a chance to talk to people regarding their issues face to face which is far better than just a phone call. Optus has a great work environment, warm welcome, smiling faces all day, and flexible working hours.


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