Personal Ownership and Customer Service

July 6, 2017

One of the items I’m always reinforcing with my team is personal ownership. Individual ownership is a hallmark of our success at Optus, and is something that is sometimes lacking in customer service organizations. It’s impossible to give everyone the autonomy to fix any problem, but making sure anyone in contact with the client takes personal ownership of the problem and its ultimate resolution is a crucial component of good customer service.

Take Responsibility

One of the most frustrating things to encounter when you have a problem is making contact with an employee who “passes the buck” or infers that it’s not their problem. We can all take personal ownership regardless of our role in the organization, and it makes a significant impact on the customer.  “I don’t know” or “I can’t help” is only an acceptable answer when it’s immediately followed with “but, I would be happy to do some research to find someone who can solve your problem and get right back with you.”

Customers Appreciate Ownership

When employees take ownership, customers are less likely to become more agitated or accidentally dropped through the cracks without proper follow-up and ultimate resolution.  We all understand mistakes happen and when an employee shows it’s important to them by how they respond—the customers always appreciate it.



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