Press Release: Introducing Opty the Optus Octopus

April 1, 2022

Press Release: Introducing Opty the Optus Octopus


Mark Duckworth, CEO, and Founder is quoted saying “Opty the Optus Octopus is the obvious new mascot to represent Optus’s unmatched ability to handle all of your communications technology needs. This is because it has 8 legs, so it can hold a bunch of phones and stuff.”


We know a bad business decision when we see one, like trying to juggle all of your multi-site business’s IT needs with one set of hands. For the past 30 years (or 6 Ocptopi lifetimes) Optus has been the partner of choice for managed voice solutions, IT project rollouts, Help Desk support services, and everything in between.

Learn more about how Optus can be your extra set of hands (or tentacles) to help you make the most of your communications platform.

Poorly executed logos of mildly terrifying aquatic creatures at no extra cost.

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