Protecting Healthcare Organizations From A Phone System Crash

February 10, 2015

Losing hospital communications services means losing access to the voice and data lines allowing a hospital to stay mobile, efficient, and reliable. For the IT department, this can be catastrophic due the impact on patient care and staff inefficiency.

At Optus, we want to help you avoid such devastating circumstances by being proactive. The impact a phone and network crash can have on a healthcare organization isn’t just technical, it impacts every person in the hospital. Here are a few key reasons why we want to help you migrate to a new system or extend the life of your current system before it is too late.

Avoid Computing and Human Errors

During a hospital phone system crash, computer security is compromised. This leaves the entire system vulnerable. To help offset this vulnerability, hospitals can opt in for remote and onsite support from a dedicated third party who can provide timely emergency support, giving their own IT staff the time and room to focus on immediate needs.

Reliable Hospital IT Services Prevent Wasted Resources

Hospitals can build a more reliable communications system by taking time to work closely with a team dedicated to telecom solutions for the healthcare industry. By having a plan in place, your IT team is prepared when the worst situations happen.

Hospitals with Better Phone Systems Have Better Patient Care

Delayed patient care is unavoidable during a phone system crash, with nurses spending those extra hours on non-essential clerical tasks. A thorough plan for a hospital communication network includes an exhaustive assessment of the current system dedicated to finding ways to maximize its value while also looking for ways to cut costs to free up funds for future investments.

A complete phone system crash can be catastrophic for any hospital. How your hospital chooses to respond to the risk makes the difference, and phone systems for hospitals can continue to function and exceed expectations even as you lay the foundation for a migration to a new or refurbished system.

Optus can help you prepare for the migration, including interim alternatives that extend the life of a current system as you determine how to fund and efficiently implement newer technology.

Learn more about how to maintain your current system or how you might upgrade to a more reliable infrastructure.

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