Enterprise Rent-A-Car


Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an ongoing American success story founded in 1957. Today, they are the largest transportation solutions provider in over 85 countries with more than 7,600 locations.

The Challenge:  Growing multi-site customer with increasing service tickets and an expanding national footprint.

When Enterprise Rent-A-Car first approached Optus, they had challenges with their growing number of locations, nationwide. They also struggled with how to manage operational expenses on communications support tickets. They were at a point where they would have to add incremental headcount to keep up with the growing number of cases coming into their help desk.

The Solution:  Nationwide deployment, telecommunications help desk and service provider management

As legacy telephone systems become outdated and new locations are turned up, Enterprise Rent-A-Car enlists Optus to implement a new state-of-the-art communication platform.  We configure and install the system in a short amount of time because of our nationwide deployment and staging capabilities. To ensure consistency, Enterprise Rent-A-Car chooses to implement a standard configuration.  We enable Enterprise Rent-A-Car to order preconfigured systems via the Optus Customer Portal with four simple clicks.  The system arrives preconfigured and staged so that installation and turn up only takes a matter of minutes.

Optus customized a support plan to suit the unique business needs of the multi-site, geographically disparate Enterprise Rent-A-Car sites. Optus is the white labeled internal communications help desk for Enterprise Rent-a-Car. When an issue arises, every remote location and employee can dial the help desk for issue resolution. Optus, not only troubleshoots phone system issues but also manages ticket escalation and resolution for Enterprise Rent-A-Car telephone carriers. Optus is uniquely suited to handle carrier trouble tickets due to our telecommunication industry experience.

The Impact:  Technology project efficiency, cost savings and ‘one throat to choke'

Deploying standard configurations nationwide enabled Enterprise Rent-A-Car to reduce internal resource allocation for communications projects. The consistency throughout their network simplifies not only implementation but also support and maintenance. The employee help desk support option helped Enterprise Rent-A-Car become significantly more efficient regarding operational costs and resources. Because this issue had high visibility within the organization, routing their service requests to one place allowed Enterprise Rent-A-Car to focus their existing resources on more strategic initiatives internally while Optus handled their technical issues.