Surveillance: A Solution Evaluation Guide


In today’s business landscape, security and surveillance are top of mind for organizations. If you are an IT professional chances are you have been tapped in some way to assess your current and future surveillance needs.  Like many IT related products, surveillance equipment is often described using its own set of code.  Db, LUX, H.265 and IK rating, just to name a few.  How do you know what surveillance code means?  Which specifications are important?  You need to not only understand the terminology but also know which specifications are the most important to start the evaluation process. This guide will give you the tools to independently evaluate solutions as well as provide tools to have an educated discussion with equipment vendors. 

The Crux of the matter

The number one rule in surveillance is to always maintain picture quality. Your organization can have the best, most expensive setup but if you cannot identify the person on the screen, your surveillance practice is not worth much. Picture quality is the most critical feature of any video system. The answer to the question, “Does this piece of equipment maintain the picture quality I need?” should always be a resounding “yes.”