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E.C Barton & Company began in 1885 as a grocery store in Jonesboro, Arkansas. With the intention of building a new home, P.C. Barton stacked a load of lumber he had purchased behind his grocery store. As customers began to purchase the lumber he had intended to use for himself, the item was added as a sideline to the grocery store. Barton's eventually sold the grocery store and incorporated his new business in 1902. It was called Barton Lumber & Brick. The new company grew and in 1927 Barton's acquired all the stock in the company, turning the business over to his son, Eugene C. Barton.

Needs:  Phone system upgrades, break/fix support, cable installs & music on hold.

With over 100 locations nationwide, phone upgrades are a crucial part of their technology needs, to keep their business running smoothly. They have both NEC and Avaya phone systems deployed in the their company. They have used Optus to convert many locations to the IP Office system so Optus can troubleshoot their phone network remotely. They have utilized Optus to do everything from small additions, to cabling projects, to full runs for new stores.

Benefits:  Larger projects, quick turnaround time, able to better reach customers.

Barton's utilized the Optus Nationwide Technology Rollout service in 2017, during their music on hold project. Working with Optus has allowed Barton's to do large projects in a very quick manner that they could not accomplish in house. "What would've have taken Barton's months to complete, took Optus only a week with our knowledge and technician base. This music on hold project allowed Barton's to capture an audience and deploy more of their marketing to them," said Jeff Chastain. This was a solution to a problem presented to Optus by Barton's that they didn't even know that they had.

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