Partner Focus | Telephone Associates


Telephone Associates is a telecommunications company that has been serving the superior Wisconsin and Duluth Minnesota area for over 50 years. They specialize in business phone systems, security camera system, and computer & network system for organizations both small and large. At Telephone Associates they handle all of the verticle markets: education, healthcare, law financial, hospitality and many more. 

Needs:  Top of the line, expert NEC support.

After being an NEC direct dealer, Telephone Associates joined Optus Inc. Selling the entire NEC line, Telephone Associates needed expert NEC support, which only the Optus team could provide. "Optus has played a major part in identifying areas of migration of older products and made the transition to the new upgrades as smooth as possible," said Brian Leuthner.

Benefits:  Noticed an immediate enhancement.

When Telephone Associates switched to Optus in June of 2017 they noticed and immediate enhancement in their customer service, order entry, order delivery and service response. It was an immediate improvement.