Retail Communications Systems

We can be anywhere in the United States in 4 hours or less.
We bring efficiency & continuity to large multi-site systems.

Businesses spend as much as 20% of their IT budgets on telecommunications services, a level that has doubled to tripled over the past five years. Optus has proven solutions designed to help businesses save 9% on average of their total telecom spending. What could you do with those savings?

SIP Trunking

Optus can help you increase efficiency, simplify basic operations and save substantial money with our Carrier Solutions.

With over 75 years of design experience, our engineers will discuss a common multi-site carrier design solution, SIP Trunking.

SIP Trunking is a solution often found to be helpful to complex, multi-site organizations looking to unify their current or new phone system.

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SIP Trunks work between corporate headquarters with PBX and branch offices.

Optus can manage your entire equipment lifecycle

Strategic Assessment & Planning

  • Initial Consultation & Assessment
  • Short & Long Term Planning
  • ROI Analysis
  • Solution Design

Nationwide Technology Rollouts

Certified Technicians

  • Avaya
  • NEC
  • Cisco

Smart Hands

  • Cabling
  • POS
  • Paging & Intercom
  • Video Surveillance
  • Digital Signage

Nationwide Technology Support & Maintenance Services

Help Desk Support

  • Tech-to-Tech · For your organization’s technicians.
  • Employee · For anyone in your organization.

On-Site Support

  • Certified Technicians · Avaya and NEC maintenance services.
  • Smart Hands · General technology maintenance services.

Communications System Lifecycle Extension Services

  • Repair Services
  • Refurbished Equipment
  • Inventory Logistics
  • End-of-Life Support Services

Whether you have a new technology rollout or an end of life system, technical issues happen.

Optus is a partner that can provide customizable maintenance support packages to service your entire organization; in an emergency, we can be on-site in four hours.

Case Study: Large Automotive Parts Retailer

The Company's Challenge

With roughly 3,570 locations in more than 35 states, Optus' client continues to grow their automotive service brand. When the organziation first approached us, their biggest need was a partner to help stage and install their communications systems quickly and efficiently while keeping in mind the various hardware that may be acquired from location to location.

The Optus Solution

When the organization acquired 56 new locations that needed new hardware, we were able to do the job in just 4 weeks. We staged, shipped, and deployed these systems utilizing our On-Site Certified Technicians and our efficient project management team. Since then, we now manage the staging and implementation at Optus, as well as the deployment for most new location rollouts across the US.

The Return on Investment

By utilizing our Nationwide Maintenance and Support services and allowing our team of project managers and service technicians efficiently drive the staging and implementation of their new store roll-outs, the organization has been able to save time and resources for their internal team. The organization also utilizes our Repair and Refurbishment services to save money. We have saved them roughly $248,000 by repairing phones vs buying new and additional $370,158 by purchasing refurbished phones vs new.

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