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March 1, 2022

An issue has been found with the “VM-to-Email” InMail application when an internal station leaves a message for another internal station.  The issue with this scenario, is that emails will be sent from the email address assigned in PRG 47-02-21 of the station leaving the message, instead of the address defined in 47-18-08.  This will cause emails to fail due to the email account assigned in PRG 47-18-08 not having permission to send messages on-behalf of the other internal accounts.

Voice messages left from an outside trunk or an internal station without an email address assigned in PRG 47-02-21 will send the message from the address assigned in PRG 47-18-08.

There is a way to force the SV9100 InMail to always send from the assigned address in PRG 47-18-08 by following the procedure below.

 Procedure for Corrective Action:

1. Upgrade to 11.00.52 (CP20) or 11.00.50 (CP10).

2. Via telephone programming only, set PRG 99-01-95 to a [1].

[0] = Send from Address in (47-02-21/47-06-19) if left from the internal party.

[1] = Always Send from Address in (47-18-08)

3. Exit Programming, allow system data to be saved and then reboot the SV9100.

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