Video Surveillance and Security

Managing a profitable organization means making tough decisions on where to allocate people and financial resources. In today’s business climate, it is expected to maximize resources to add to the bottom line. The benefit of video surveillance extends beyond security. Today, organizations utilize surveillance practices to decrease liability and optimize operations inevitably leading to saving money.

“The surveillance industry is transitioning as fast as possible to IP”

Prevent Internal and External Theft

Theft is a problem that many organizations suffer on a regular basis. Although many organizations link theft to customers there is also a threat of internal theft. Applying a surveillance practice can help monitor not only customers but also employees. If an issue does occur, video surveillance can help gather information about the person performing the theft.

Access Control and Protect Private Areas

Companies that have high-value products on-site and need to restrict access to certain areas can monitor in real time. Applying a surveillance practice can help track not only the public but employees as well.

Improve Customer Experience

Many industries rely on providing excellent customer service to bring in revenue and increase return on investment. A surveillance practice can monitor customer service being provided by employees as well as identify customer demographics with facial recognition to create a custom shopper experience.

Decrease Liability

One of the highest risks an organization has is a liability claim. Whether an accident, harassment or other liability issues maintaining a surveillance practice is one of the most effective tools to decreasing risk. Your business will know precisely what occurred which will improve the legal case for the best results.

Ensure Policies are Followed

Video surveillance can drive employees to follow company policies which are particularly necessary if policies address safety issues. Visual evidence of violations and employees adhering to guidelines only serve the bottom line of the organization.

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