Optus Customer Warranty Policy

As a courtesy to our customers, Optus provides an advance replacement on equipment purchases for 30 days from the invoice date.

After 30 days, Optus will facilitate the original manufacturer warranty for the term of their warranty period.

Warranties may be supplemented with the purchase of an Optus Maintenance Agreement. Each manufacturer’s warranty information is listed below.

Product Lines

Avaya IP Office Hardware (Control Units/Expansion Modules/Media Cards) & Terminals:  1 year repair and return

Software: 90 days

Critical Components (CPU/VM): 1 year advance replacement
SV or Legacy Series Non-Critical Components (Station Cards) & Legacy Series Terminals (DTR/DTH/ITR/ITH): 2 year repair and return

SV Series Terminals (DTL/ITL): 5 year repair and return

Software: 90 days

Critical Components (CPU/VM): 2 year advance replacement


Peripheral products

AdTran5 year repair and return
Avst30-day advance replacement, 11 months repair and return
Bogen Communications30-day advance replacement
CentisScitec, Teledex & TeleMatrix – See below
ScitecAegis and other phones: 1 year repair and return
TeledexNetworked phones, Express Net Products and B-series phones: 1 year repair and return
Pearl Family: 2 year repair and return
TelematrixMarquis Hospitality: 5 year repair and return
Spectrum Plus: 2 year repair and return
ITWLinx1 year advance replacement
MinuteMan UPSBatteries: 2 year advance replacement
Hardware: 3 year advance replacement
Plantronics1 year repair and return
Polycom1 year repair and return
TriVium30-day advance replacement
Valcom30-day advance replacement
Optus Refurb & RepairOptus Refurb: Advance replacement for 1st 30 days; repair & return remainder of 1st year
Optus Repair: 1 year repair and return
Professional Services / Labor90-day warranty


All returns/warranty issues are subject to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer and must be met before Optus can facilitate your transaction. Please be ready to provide the model and serial numbers and a brief description of the issue with the product. Items may be returned to Optus within 30 days of the invoice date. Items must be in the original condition and include all original packaging. All returns are subject to the conditions and approval of the manufacturer or distributor. A restocking fee of 20% will apply.

Advance Replacement on Critical Items must be approved by Optus Tech Support. They can be reached at 800-298-9044 or by e-mail to support@optusinc.com.
If you have questions, or to contact Optus for an RMA, please call 870-933-5769 or send an e-mail request to RMA@optusinc.com.

Replacement parts may be new or used. Advance Replacement product can be of similar or better quality. When Advance Replacement is not possible, repair and return or refund options may be offered.