We provide technology solutions and cloud advisory services to help multisite organizations rapidly evolve within an ever-changing landscape.



We are a cloud advisory and IT services company designed to advance today’s hybrid workplace. With over three decades of experience, we provide a vendor-neutral approach to technology—from core communications to the full ecosystem of CX technologies—including hardware, software, connectivity, cloud services, and IT support. Through our unique integration of people, processes, and technology, we elevate organizational productivity, scalability, and uptime.


Cloud Communications and CX


Physical Security

Core Connectivity

Managed Services

Nationwide Service Delivery


Technology Advisory and Implementation
Optus technology advisors help you navigate the complex landscape of business technology, from cloud applications that improve collaboration and efficiency to connectivity and network infrastructure critical to your day-to-day operations. Our team of experts provides complimentary consultative and implementation services that deliver results. They can help you with:

Enterprise Data Management Strategy

Align people, processes, and technology to drive better outcomes.

IT Roadmap

Build and maintain technology solutions that provide lasting value.

Enterprise Service Management

Break down silos and encourage collaboration for better service delivery.

Technology Assessment

Evaluate and analyze technology in relation to your organizational goals.

Business Process Engineering

Move away from reactive tactics by building a refined strategy.


Scale easily with single-source multi-site, multi-technology expertise.

Value Chain Assessment

Improve operations and reduce costs from top to bottom.


In today’s world, technology is the foundation for how every business gets things done. So having a trusted IT partner dedicated to protecting your business and accelerating your success is essential.

We solve problems proactively, reducing downtime and keeping your business moving forward. And if there is a problem, our service teams boast industry-leading response times, so your work never has to slow down. Whether you need a full suite of IT services or you’re looking for a partner to assist and enhance your in-house IT team, working with Optus means you’ll have the most robust technology solutions available.

The Business Value of Contact Center AI

How are resilient contact centers saving costs and supporting their remote teams while ensuring operational efficiency? The answer is Contact Center AI. Over the last two decades, AI has been the single biggest driver of change in the contact center. From personalized CX, to risk mitigation, to agent performance, revenue growth opportunities, and more, the benefits are ripe and fruitful. 

Future-Proofing Your Business

Every product eventually needs to be retired.
 This can happen for a number of reasons, like changing customer needs, new technology advancements, or simply because a better product comes along. Here at Optus, we understand that these end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-sale (EOS) transitions can be inconvenient. That’s why our tech advisors are here to help! We can offer extended support plans or guide you towards cloud-based solutions, whatever works best for your business. Our team has the knowledge and resources to ensure a smooth transition. Download the overview below.

Managed Detection & Response Overview

In today’s volatile digital landscape, safeguarding your business against cyber threats is paramount. Enter Managed Detection and Response (MDR), the ultimate game-changer in cybersecurity. This comprehensive shield not only reduces risk but also identifies and neutralizes threats before they escalate, minimizing response time in case of an attack. With MDR, your data is not just protected; it’s fortified with a near-immediate return on investment, enhancing the efficacy of your existing security infrastructure. Ready to transform your security approach from reactive to proactive? Dive into ‘The MDR Overview’ and fortify your defenses today.

Builders FirstSource Case Study

Discover the future of business technology with Optus, the all-in-one IT solution provider. As demonstrated by 
Builders FirstSource (BFS), a leading building materials supplier, Optus offers extensive flexibility and reliability in deploying technicians to remote locations nationwide, ensuring seamless project rollouts. With Optus’ customer-first approach, BFS experienced exponential savings, increased stability, and enhanced capability. By downloading our resource, you can uncover how Optus’ partnership with BFS has led to transformative technology solutions and increased customer satisfaction. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business with Optus – the partner that goes beyond service to deliver exceptional results. Download now and experience the power of a true technology partnership!