protect what matters most.

Each day, business leaders ask important questions regarding the protection of key resources: How do we keep our employees, assets, and business healthy and safe? How can we ensure compliance with policies and procedures? How do we safeguard investments? At Optus, we can help answer these questions with our smart, integrated security solutions and services, all designed around your business.


physical security

Surveillance and Access Control

Proactive protection for physical spaces

From retail stores to schools and commercial buildings, Optus helps put efficient video surveillance and access control at your fingertips. Our security partners provide hassle-free management of your security with an all-in-one video and access control management system.


  • Validated end-to-end solution
  • Seamless, unified interface
  • Ease-of-use and intuitive handling
  • Designed with cybersecurity in mind


Go beyond video

We offer a range of solutions to fully cover your physical and environmental needs. Whether you require temperature and humidity sensors or advanced analytic solutions with motion detection, biometrics, and other smart sensors, Optus has you covered. Our devices can supplement your visual intelligence or monitor and secure areas where video isn’t an option. Additionally, Optus provides a range of ancillary solutions to work in tandem with video surveillance, such as glass break sensors, panic buttons, and detection for vape, THC, and smoke. Trust Optus to provide comprehensive monitoring and security solutions for your peace of mind.


Smarter devices for smarter decisions

At Optus, we believe in connecting, automating, and improving the world through the power of IoT devices. With the number of these devices projected to reach over 15 billion by 2023, the possibilities are endless. Whether you need healthcare monitoring, retail inventory management, manufacturing equipment optimization, or critical data insights for your business, we have the expertise to develop the perfect solution for you. Let  us help you harness the potential of IoT technology and unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity.