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With Optus, you can quickly and securely link multiple sites in virtually any configuration with expansive and flexible network access. Whether you want to manage increasing capacity requirements, access mission-critical applications, or maximize visibility into your network performance, our comprehensive solutions are ready to meet your every demand—every step of the way.



01       SD-WAN

02       MPLS Migration

03       SIP Trunking

04      Direct Internet Access

05      Cellular

06      Broadband Aggregation

07       Data Center

secure SD-wan

Connectivity when it counts.
As workloads move to the cloud and SaaS applications, it’s critical to ensure reliable, secure connectivity for all sites and users. Gone are the days when you can route network traffic to a central location. Now, you need a faster, more agile network architecture to handle increases in traffic from cloud applications, distributed sites, and off-network users. Our software-defined network solutions provide the cloud-based management every enterprise-level business needs to become efficient and responsive. We work with the top providers to ensure we map the best solution to your exact business needs.

MPLS Migration

Modernize connectivity with next-level security.
Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) offer several key benefits for organizations looking to enhance their network security. With advanced threat detection capabilities, NGFWs can identify and block emerging threats in real time, providing proactive protection against cyber attacks. Additionally, NGFWs offer granular control over application usage, allowing organizations to manage and optimize network traffic effectively. By combining traditional firewall functionality with advanced features, NGFWs provide robust security solutions for modern network environments.

sip trunking

Unparalleled agility and scaling.
SIP trunking allows businesses to operate a phone system over the internet instead of over physical copper lines. Optus provides top-tier SIP trunking solutions that allow businesses to be flexible in how they manage their telephony. What’s more, we save you time, money, and countless headaches by working on your behalf to source the best solution to meet your business goals and budget.

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Direct internet

Roadside assistance on the information superhighway.
In today’s digital age, internet connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity for organizations. Businesses heavily depend on a fast, reliable, and secure connection to thrive. Insufficient connectivity can have detrimental effects on communication, commerce, and reputation. At Optus, we understand the importance of meeting your current and future connectivity needs. Contact us now to assess this critical resource and ensure it empowers your organization’s success.


Say goodbye to dead zones.
Internet connectivity is crucial for organizations to thrive and stay competitive. Optus understands the challenges faced by businesses with remote sites struggling to access the information superhighway. With a full range of solutions, Optus can get your business back on track. From primary connections to backup options, Optus ensures that your critical applications and everyday connections are uninterrupted. Additionally, Optus offers a Mobility as a Service solution that not only manages corporate cell phone plans but also provides unique options for multiple carriers, maximizing user coverage.

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Less really is more.
Broadband aggregations offer a simple yet effective solution for multi-site businesses. By consolidating services through one partner, even if the circuits themselves are still provided by other vendors, companies can reap many benefits. Since aggregating services tend to be more efficient than managing multiple providers, it provides many cost savings. Additionally, having a single point of contact means streamlined support and eliminates the chaos of dealing with numerous bills. Why work for your services when you can optimize them to work for you? Embrace the power of broadband aggregations. And, with just one throat to choke (or hug, you sadist!), it’s a win-win situation

data center

Enabling security, performance, and control.
Optus offers a comprehensive range of solutions for data center technology. Our offerings include advanced security solutions that protect data centers from cyber threats—ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical data. With firewalls, secure access solutions, and virtualized security platforms, Optus enables organizations to build robust and secure data center architectures. We also provide solutions for network segmentation, load balancing, and application delivery, allowing businesses to optimize data center performance and enhance user experience. Our integrated approach to data center security and management helps organizations streamline operations, reduce complexity, and achieve greater visibility and control over data center environments.