Future-proof your business

Worried about End-of-Life Technology? Optus has you covered.

We know navigating uncertainty about your business technology is stressful. That’s why working with an Optus Technology Advisor can provide insight and resources to help you make the best decision for your current and future communication needs.


Evaluation Process

Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise organization, it’s critical to continually acquire and implement new technologies. Doing so ensures your operations achieve efficiency and alignment with the ideal customer experience. However, evolving your tech stack requires significant resources, research, and a deep understanding of how industry trends will affect your business-critical technologies.

Step 1: Initial Discovery

Optus helps multi-site organizations transform their IT environment with best-in-class cloud technology—enabling agility, security, and business continuity. We are your single-source cloud consulting partner capable of delivering value at every level.

    Step 2: Platform Consultation

    We learn about your unique business objectives and expected ROI to align the best-unified communication platform and achieve digital transformation that fits your growth. Because we are platform agnostic, we can create a customized solution specific to your individual and organizational needs.

      Step 3: Guided Demonstration

      Our experts will provide live demos of your new cloud platform to ensure ease of transition when implementing your new cloud platform.

        Step 4: Plan Design & Discussion

        Our team conducts a thorough network assessment to identify overall network performance and uncover gaps early in the process. This is an important step toward ensuring a flawless implementation.

          Step 5: Project Management

          Migrating to the cloud is a highly complex IT transformation that requires significant preparation, in-depth planning, and efficiency in execution to achieve operational success. Our project managers provide detailed planning and oversight of all the moving parts that make up a successful cloud migration.

            Step 6: After-Sale Support

            The work isn’t finished once the migration is complete. In fact, we offer ongoing 24/7 IT and telephony help desk services to ensure your continual satisfaction.

              Consultation Services

              Optus technology advisors help you navigate the complex landscape of business technology services, from cloud applications that improve collaboration and efficiency to connectivity services critical to your day-to-day operations. We provide complimentary consultative and facilitatory services that deliver results, including:


              • Technology assessment
              • Cost analysis
              • Platform consultation
              • Project management
              • Implementation support
              • After-sale support

              Technology Advisors

              Optus technology advisors can provide benefits to many different areas of your business. After the initial discovery session, we analyze industry-specific trends to determine the best technology solutions to serve you now—and into the future. And because we’re a multi-cloud consultancy, we work with our partners on your behalf to find the best solution to achieve your efficiency and budgetary goals.

              As you move through the decision-making process, we cut through the noise of the cloud space to provide information and guidance across multiple platforms—giving you the space to choose a solution that works for you and your business.

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