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To maintain or advance your competitive advantage, you need a partner who will help expand your portfolio and boost your productivity, scalability, and uptime. We will enable your best work and increase your agility—ensuring everyone is connected and supported. All the time. From anywhere.


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Simplify your business technology and deliver richer experiences with a customer-first, vendor-neutral approach to unified communications. Understanding platforms and functionality within the cloud communications ecosystem is challenging, and the pace of change is accelerating. At Optus, we create clarity between leading UCaaS vendors to help you align technology resources and support your entire organization’s collaboration strategy.


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Optus' Premier UCaaS Solution

All-in-one voice, video, and chat

Yello® is the ideal solution for businesses looking to boost their productivity while saving time and money. With Yello®, users can access a comprehensive suite of communications and collaboration services to streamline operations. Yello’s powerful scalability, strong security, and easy-to-implement setup make it the perfect choice for any branch or team ready to maximize its potential. The best part? It’s always supported by Optus.

Use Cases

Scale quickly and easily, save on infrastructure, and work with a trusted partner


Maximize uptime, manage anywhere, boost efficiencies, and save money


Upgrade your business phone system and get powerful capabilities


Run your business communications at full speed, even in the event of a disaster

cloud communications and cx


Contact Center

Optimize your customer experience

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) offers inbound and multichannel capabilities and allows for flexibility, scalability, and cost management. Our services are designed to help companies achieve the full potential of CCaaS and improve their overall customer experience. With our team of contact center experts, we can assist in making the switch to CCaaS seamless and successful.


Collaboration and Conferencing

Work together from anywhere

Stay organized and improve collaboration with all your conversations, files, meetings, and applications in one shared workspace. Whether you need a solution built from the ground up or you want to integrate a collaboration tool into your existing communications platform, we deliver a wide range of solutions to accommodate your unique business needs.

Optus works with technology partners to provide a fully customizable ecosystem of conferencing and collaboration tools.


Artificial Intelligence

Better CX starts with AI

We know a better customer experience begins with a combination of human and artificial intelligence. With the help of AI, companies can quickly and seamlessly respond to customers across multiple channels with personalized service. Supplementing the customer experience with AI allows companies to really listen to their customers and make them feel more connected. This level of optimization provides faster outcomes, increased retention, and greater wallet share for your organization. 

Optus provides a seamless evaluation experience to help you automate every step of the customer journey.


A Guide for Succesful UCaaS Deployment

Discover the secret to a successful UCaaS deployment with well-planned implementation aligned with your organization’s business requirements, objectives, and outcomes.

Virtualization or Cloud?

The two technologies are often confused and used interchangeably, but they are actually quite different. 

Seamless Contact Center Transformation

Contact centers are evolving and transforming to better meet the needs of customers and improve operational efficiency. Major upgrades are being made to existing solutions, new applications are being integrated, and innovative technologies are being employed to enhance the customer experience. Learn more in our blog.