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Optus designs and deploys professional and maintenance services for IT network equipment and network cable infrastructure to keep businesses connected. As the nationwide network solutions provider of choice for many Fortune 1000 companies, we excel in technology integration and continuity—ensuring our clients stay ahead of the competitive landscape. Our certified network engineers and project managers consult with you to design IT network solutions for voice, fiber optics, data, security, mobility, data centers, and more.


How great teams get great results with Optus

From small businesses to large enterprises, Optus helps teams across the nation achieve their most critical goals—fast, reliably, and intelligently. 


“I have many vendors but few partners. We [BFS and Optus] are going to win together."

"Our Optus Representative is also engaged with leaders and team members of my technical teams. Anyone with my organization would not hesitate to call them with any need or question, whether during or after production hours. "

Cory Lilly
Senior Director of IT Infrastructure
Builders' First Source


"We can use our Optus Account Manager as a resource, sales associate, manager, engineer, accountant, and systems designer. Our Optus representative serves as an extension of our own personnel for a plethora of opportunities. We talk to him daily. He is at his desk 90% of the time or calls me back within the hour. In the rare occurrence he isn’t available, we are automatically directed to one of his associates who is just as good, efficient, and knowledgeable as our usual account rep. The whole team is excellent."

Beth Suero
Voice & Data Specialist
Pathcom, Inc.


01       Nationwide Rollouts

02       IT Support Services

03       IT Modernization

04      Structured Cabling

05      Nationwide Field Services

06      Staging and Configuration

07      Additional Services


Reshape your technology implementation.
Optus is a leading provider of nationwide technology implementation. With 30+ years of experience, we take a smarter approach to rollouts—whether it’s a few dozen or a few thousand sites. Our services cater to a wide range of industries, including commercial, healthcare, education, financial services, retail, hospitality, and more. We enable business transformation through technology integration, ensuring that businesses stay up to date with the latest advancements. With our dedicated national rollout team and nationwide field service capabilities, we ensure a smooth, efficient, and scalable deployment.

IT Support

Amplify your uptime.
Maintaining and supporting your technology investment requires available and knowledgeable resources that understand complex technologies that often require an immediate response. Optus’ IT support team delivers customized technical assistance, maintenance, and support services that augment your IT staff so you can focus on maximizing business outcomes. Our experts are your single source for technology expertise. Whether you need remote assistance, on-site support, or guidance on your next IT investment, our team can keep your mission-critical systems running smoothly.

IT Modernization

Customize your communications.
Keeping communications technology up and running is critical to the success of your business. From updating or improving aging applications to refreshing hardware to streamline operations and protect against security risks, Optus provides a range of solutions to enhance user experiences.

• Migration
• Optimization
• Cloud Computing
• Virtualization
• Hardware & Software Updates

Supporting Resources


Connect the dots.
Data cabling is the foundation connecting businesses to the digital world—enabling seamless communication and efficient data transfer. At Optus, we understand the importance of robust and reliable connectivity, which is why we partner with leading low-voltage cable manufacturers to provide our clients with the best structured cable products on the market. Our structured cabling services ensure that businesses have a solid infrastructure in place, allowing them to optimize their network performance and stay ahead in today’s digital landscape.

Field Services

Covering every corner and then some.
Nationwide field support is a critical component for multi-site businesses requiring seamless communication and technical expertise. Optus understands the importance of comprehensive coverage and offers a range of services to ensure that businesses receive the support they need, no matter where they are. From remote areas to bustling cities, Optus’ nationwide field support team is equipped to handle any challenge, providing timely and reliable service to keep businesses up and running. With our extensive network of skilled technicians, Optus is committed to delivering exceptional support to businesses across the country. In a pinch, we can be anywhere in four hours or less.

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Staging and

Set it and let it go.
When you need a smooth and efficient technology deployment, pre-deployment staging and configuration can play an integral role. Optus provides a comprehensive range of capabilities to streamline the setup and customization process, including equipment staging, software installation, and configuration settings tailored to your specific requirements. This level of attention guarantees that systems are ready for immediate use upon deployment, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Not only that, our team of skilled technicians ensures a seamless integration with existing infrastructure as well as comprehensive testing to identify and troubleshoot any potential issues before implementation.


Staff Augmentation

Scale quickly and easily, save on infrastructure, and work with a trusted partner

Preventative Maintenance

Proactively address routine system requirements with ease.

Project Management

Our project management team streamlines complex processes to ensure smooth implementation and operation. We work faster and smarter—banishing data silos and obstacles to deliver results.

Technology Integration

Add more intelligence while accommodating ongoing technology requirements.


24/7 Emergency Services

Never worry about downtime with easy, round-the-clock access to technical services.

New Construction and Remodels

We work with customers to design, plan, engineer, and implement infrastructure solutions, including cabling systems, splicing and testing, deployment, and much more.