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We excel in technology integration to drive business transformation and ensure our partners stay ahead in the competitive landscape. With our comprehensive range of services, we enable seamless operations and empower businesses to achieve their goals. Our team of skilled technicians ensures uninterrupted connectivity, while our 24/7 help desk provides round-the-clock assistance for any technology-related issues. With our dedicated national rollout team, we guarantee a successful setup for your business. Our nationwide services are unmatched, offering customer-first concierge support wherever your operations may be.


managed services

Telephony Help Desk

Work smarter with 24/7 technical support

When it comes to telephony help desk support, Optus is a trusted provider. With our 24/7 help desk, we offer round-the-clock assistance to our customers. We understand the unique and dynamic service requirements of each client and create customized maintenance plans to cater to those needs. Customers can easily reach out for support through phone, email, or the portal. In addition to telephony help desk support, we also offer on-site and remote network support as well as a range of ongoing network support services. Partnering with us allows your IT team to focus on critical initiatives while improving service, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Lifecycle Management

Telecommunications on your terms

Telephony lifecycle management is a crucial aspect of many campus environments, and Optus offers comprehensive solutions to address its complexities. By standardizing workflows and processes across different teams, Optus’ telecom solutions optimize operations and improve operational efficiency. Our on-premise services also enable future-proof, feature-rich deployments, ensuring that your business stays ahead in the competitive landscape. And when a total migration just doesn’t make sense for your business, we offer affordable lifecycle extension services for your telecom hardware, including business phone repair and refurbishment.

Additional Network Solutions

Support where you need it

Technology is everywhere—but value isn’t. That’s why we exist. At Optus, we’re continually seeking ways to better serve our clients. Our goal is to build strong relationships, anticipate your needs, and simplify your workload. Our network of experts serves as an extension of your workforce to provide critical support when and where you need it. Whether you need to ramp up staffing during a busy season, troubleshoot at a moment’s notice, or simply can’t afford a minute of downtime, Optus has the nationwide resources available to ensure seamless and productive operations.

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Technology Integration
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

Let our experts
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Optus’ team of technical experts is constantly troubleshooting and exploring ways to improve your experience with your telecommunication system’s updates.