How CCaaS Enables Flexibility and Scalability in the Restaurant Industry

August 12, 2022

Restaurants have had to make several significant changes in the last few years. The pandemic has changed how businesses of all types operate, food service and hospitality being no exception. Capacity restrictions, increased regulations, and rising labor costs are just a few of the issues that restaurants are currently facing. The traditional, on–premise phone–based systems of the past may not be able to handle today’s fast–paced communication needs.

With the changes in recent years to company needs, traditional communication practices are quickly evolving. Sometimes referred to as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies, contact centers and contact center as a service (CCaaS) are rapidly being utilized by many Fortune 500 restaurants to outsource sales and service operations. Contact center agents excel at customer service—and CCaaS technology provides an efficient communication platform—making this an ideal match for both the company and the consumer. Instead of continuing to use a limiting system, migrating to a CCaaS system can transform your communication practices while improving guest experience.


BPO and CCaaS

BPO refers to the action of outsourcing multiple IT based processes to an external service provider that manages the chosen services. This can be done to improve efficiency and accelerate operations so that the hiring company can focus internally on its primary goals and directives.

CCaaS is an outsourced service that BPOs are able to offer, integrating call center duties with omni-channel capabilities for company communication and clients. For example, outsourcing your restaurant’s communication system to a BPO that implements CCaaS allows your business to focus on what really matters: cooking food and filling stomachs.

Using a CCaaS system for your restaurant can exponentially improve ease of efficiency, lower costs of communication, and provide your customers with excellent customer service that will encourage them to become repeat clients.


Improves Operational Efficiency

One benefit of utilizing CCaaS for your restaurant is streamlined efficiency. A CCaaS system gives agents the flexibility to migrate from channel to channel seamlessly. An interaction between an agent and customer may first start off via chat, but can migrate to email or phone effortlessly. This versatility allows your customers to receive servicing quickly without agents having to switch channels for communication.

Additionally, CCaaS agents are able to contain all of your data and customer information in one place through omnichannel capabilities. Traditionally telecommunication systems store your data, such as customer, employer, or product information, in different systems, making it difficult for agents to quickly locate information and fulfill requests. Instead of switching between several different applications or systems to complete a task, CCaaS makes it simple to receive requests and accomplish them through a singular channel. In the restaurant industry, this allows agents to quickly receive orders, verify delivery information, and provide additional menu options based on previous orders-–ensuring capitalization of upsell opportunities.


Reduce Support Costs

BPO companies are often utilized during times of a downturn economy, providing the partner with cost effective adeptness in unsure times. Through them, CCaaS platforms provide flexibility and cost-efficiency to scale your business depending on seasonal needs. It is common to have several different models of pricing for different communication needs and possible to pay for what your requirements are in a fluctuating future.

Furthermore, having the center outsourced eliminates the need for on-site building space. CCaaS does not require constant management of on-site software and hardware that you’ll need to upkeep. Rather, you are able to utilize your storage to further serve your business and your customers. With a CCaaS solution, data is stored in the cloud, and your solution provider is responsible for all service and storage.


Enhances Customer Experience

Within the food and hospitality industry, prioritizing customer experience is critical to an organization’s success. Cultivating an excellent customer experience builds trust and long-term relationships. Think about it: If you have a negative experience with a restaurant or online delivery company, how likely are you to return?

Implementing a cloud-based contact center is an effective way to improve overall customer service and satisfaction. As a restaurant, you may be so overwhelmed with day-to-day operations and keeping up with orders that phone-based customer service is in danger of being neglected altogether. A CCaaS solution ensures you exceed expectations for every customer. Omnichannel communication features provide a stable experience for clients across the board while resolving issues in minimal hold time. Moreover, real-time analytics and call scripts are available to provide coaching opportunities for agents.


Choosing a CCaaS Partner

Technology is always evolving at a pace that can be difficult to keep up with. At Optus, we seamlessly pair cloud and IT advisory services with best-of-breed technologies to ensure you achieve flexibility, scalability, and continuity. We alleviate your fears of getting left behind in this fast-paced world and help you choose the best solution for your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about how partnering with Optus can improve your customer experience, contact us today.

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