IT Strategy and Engineering

“Optus has more than 75 years of engineering design experience.” — Shane Lerma, Sales Engineering Team Lead · Optus

Step 1: Initial Consultation & Assessment

Our free strategic assessment and planning process begins with an assessment of your current technology investment, and your company’s goals for new technology.

During the assessment, we will also determine if there are ways to extend the life of your current phone system.

Step 2: Short & Long Term Planning

Next, we will create a detailed plan to maximize your current investment, and components that will accommodate the immediate and future needs of your organization.

Step 3: ROI Analysis

As the technical design process starts, Optus Engineers carefully consider the financial impact of the investment, staying within the guard rails you have defined.

Our engineers will evaluate all options to maximize ROI; focusing on improving your technology while lowering expenses.

Step 4: Solution Design

Finally, our engineers produce a complete solution design that supports your organization's growth plans.

The solution design includes a roadmap with a detailed scope of work encompassing our core services: rollout, support and maintenance, and technology lifecycle extension options.

Our plans can save 25%-50% on telecom spend for our customers.

Let us see how much we can save you.

Carrier Solutions

Our extensive experience in telecommunications provides a unique ability to analyze, advise and design solutions to help with your organization’s carrier issues. Large, multi-site organizations manage multiple carrier vendors which can mean juggling a number of challenges day to day.

Optus can help by providing centralized management, consulting and agency services.

Carrier Agency

Carrier contracts make up 70% of total telecom expenses for today's organizations. We help you identify the right carriers for your needs and secure the best possible prices.

Carrier Consulting & Design

At no cost to you, our engineers will incorporate options focused around improving your service while lowering your expenses into the complete solution design.