American Cancer Society

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American Cancer Society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a significant health problem. The global headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, with regional and local offices throughout the country to ensure a presence in every community.

The Challenge:   Improving operational expenses at remote locations and dissatisfied with the quality and cost of their break-fix vendor

When American Cancer Society first approached Optus, they struggled with how to regulate telecommunication operational expenses as well as maintaining quality work from their current telecom/IT break-fix vendor. American Cancer Society fought with keeping track of all the telecom hardware and expenses at their many remote locations as many multi-site companies do. They did not know how many phones and phone lines were in use at their sites. Along with utilization issues, their current IT break-fix vendor happened to be an enterprise telecommunications vendor. In essence, American Cancer Society was paying a specialized enterprise rate to support their remote location phone systems and IP end-points.

The Optus Solution:  Telecommunication cost-saving project and nationwide IP endpoint break/fix support

Companies that have many sites tend to lose track over time of what phone lines they are using and continue to pay for those lines until perpetuity. Understanding the complexity of a national multisite company, Optus proposed that American Cancer Society let us perform a tone and tag project to eliminate nonessential phone lines. Optus used our network of over 10,000 technicians nationwide to visit each office and test each phone line. We provided a summary report to American Cancer Society that provided the information necessary to terminate non-essential lines. Optus completed the project in three months and proved to American Cancer Society the quality of our work and the ease with which we can scale.

Being naturally suited to support a multi-site, national company, Optus evaluated the break-fix needs of American Cancer Society and proposed a fixed labor rate. Instead of paying enterprise telecommunications rates, we agreed upon a set Optus Smart Hands labor rate. American Cancer Society now uses Optus to be on-site when their network engineering team needs boots on the ground. Our nationwide network of technicians performs on-site activities such as break-fix cabling jack issues, infrastructure cabling installation, phone system decommissions as well as hardware moves, adds and changes.

The Impact:  Significant cost savings and cost-effective smart hands vendor

The tone and tag project saved American Cancer Society thousands of dollars and enabled them to terminate hundreds of lines. Moving to Optus support not only saved American Cancer Society hard money by the adjusted price for Smart Hands labor but also introduced timesaving efficiencies to their internal engineering team.