Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University Case Study

Vanderbilt University is an internationally recognized research university in Nashville, Tennessee with strong partnerships among its ten schools, neighboring institutions, and the community. Vanderbilt offers undergraduate programs in the liberal arts and sciences, engineering, music, education and human development, as well as a full range of graduate and professional degrees.

The Challenge:  Large campus, high operational costs, storage, damaged phones

When Vanderbilt first approached us, they needed help with additional storage for their replacement parts and providing break/fix service to their existing system. Their internal resources were struggling to manage the inventory of the parts while sourcing and replacing broken parts.

The Optus Solution:  Warehouse storage, advanced repair & refurb 

With over 30,000 end users, their internal technical team is strapped for time and space to store equipment. By helping resolve the storage issues for Vanderbilt at our warehouse facilities, we have alleviated the task of managing their replacement part inventory in house. In addition, we have been able to save them around $17,000 by purchasing refurbished replacement parts vs new. We send nearly 50 repaired phones per week.

The Impact:  Cost savings, operational efficiency, inventory management 

Optus saved Vanderbilt University roughly $17,000 by utilizing our repair and refurbishment services. Because of the size of the campus and the number of end users, we took over the break/fix challenges that freed up their technical team to focus on more critical technology needs on-site. By housing their replacement parts at our warehouse, Vanderbilt was able to free up space and still have easy access to their replacement parts.